I am a self taught fiber artist. I knit, crochet, and spin my own yarn that I use in my creations. I make jewelry and accessories that are wearable art. I describe myself as a “bohemian faerie with a dark side”- I love jewel tones, earth tones, ethnic prints, bold stripes, and the mysterious quality of head to toe black.

I grew up with a healthy dose of fairytale stories, the fantasy movies of the 80′s (Labyrinth, Dark Crystal & The Last Unicorn) the faerie art of Brian Froud, and the quirky dark gothic style of Tim Burton. I believe in faeries, the spirit world, and things that dwell beyond human comprehension.

My inspiration comes from the way I see the world… almost as a traveller from another time who was dropped into this one. I find old things and old ways comforting to my soul. I feel a strong connection to the travelling people of my ancestry who moved from town to town selling their wares from the back of their wagons. It’s for these reasons that I came to name my business- summoning the imagery of Romani Vardos (the traditional round topped horse drawn caravan) as it is part of my history and bloodline as well as describing the nomadic, “nowhere and everywhere”, multi-cultural and tribal aspect of my work and my personality.

The pieces I create are one of a kind as my work is constantly changing and evolving with my influences, experiences, and interests as I continue on my journey.